I can't say enough to convey what a difference hiring Jane as my coach made in my job search and for me personally. I received 3 job offers & I have been on my new job 2 weeks now. All in only 2 months time!! It was hard to be laid off from my job after 27 years of employment, but having a coach helped me face the challenge of job hunting & makeing it. I'm now employed!  Sharon D
St. Louis, MO
My career was on the fast-track to no-where until I met Jane Wytzka.  I, like many, were confused as to how to get my career back on track and to make a job change.  I was very fearful of the unknown and uncertain of my future.  This fear and uncertainty paralyzed me in my hunt for a new job.  I floundered for almost two years until I met Jane. 
Scott S
Atlantic Beach, FL
I would highly recommend Jane's services.
IT salesperson
Jacksonville, FL
You will never know how much I appreciate your insight, guidance, and experience. Meeting you was a godsend; it came at a time when I had no idea what to do or what direction to go in.
B.J. Jacksonville, FL
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